For Industry Veterans and Professionals

With 30pin’s mission to understanding the world better with the help of consumer tech history, we don’t want to rely solely on archive materials and publications. If you’ve ever worked on a product which ended up in people’s homes and hands, chances are high you have a great story to tell.

Tell about yourself by dropping an email to Yuri Litvinenko at [email protected]. Describe your work experience, products you worked on, and the topic you’d like to talk about. If we feel it’s valuable for 30pin readers and the greater community, we’ll discuss doing an interview with you or commissioning you an op-ed.

For Journalists: How to Pitch 30pin

30pin is open for guest editorial submissions by journalists and researchers. The number of slots for contributions is limited by our funding, but our writer’s fees are competitive with what other small digital publications offer.

Please read our about page, as well as some previously published articles, to get a grasp on what fits 30pin. There are several types of readers we are thinking of when choosing what’s to cover:

  • Tech enthusiasts with an interest in history, driven by nostalgia or curiosity.
  • History enthusiasts interested in legacy technology as a part of daily life.
  • People researching the impact of decisions in tech on society, politics, or business landscape.

Here are some details which might help you pitch a story captivating the 30pin readership:

  • We are looking for longform articles (1,200 words or more) which would offer a fresh viewpoint on the history of consumer technology. 30pin does not accept listicles, ratings, and made-for-slideshow retrospectives. More nuances in your story, the better.
  • Keep your pitch limited to three or four paragraphs. Note what you’ve researched or are going to research, who are you going to talk to. Please do not send drafts or finished stories.
  • Tell us why you think you can cover the pitched topic well. Show us your past publications, portfolio, credentials, tell about your experience or the field of study—pick whatever you think represents you the best.
  • Be sure to read our ethics statement and adhere to it further in your reporting.

We will be extremely happy to feature works by Black and Indigenous authors, journalists of color, women in tech and history communities, and people outside major metropolitan hubs and English-speaking part of the world. If you feel underrepresented in your professional community, please let us know.

With all that in mind, send your pitch to Yuri Litvinenko at [email protected].

Information for Marketers

30pin does not accept guest posts by companies or PR agencies, as well as articles which dominant idea is to promote products or services of a single company. If you want to discuss paid advertising or sponsorship opportunities, contact us at [email protected].