If you represent a blog, online or print media and would like to republish any article for 30pin, you can send us a request for paid and credited content syndication. We will actively work with you to adapt any piece of ours to the general style of your publication. You will also get any original 30pin photos and a set of possible Creative Commons or public domain picks. If you license photos from Reuters or Getty Images, we’ll send you any reference numbers to help you find the same photos as used in the original publishing.

We are open to both one-time and regular syndications. Contact us at [email protected]. (In case of content we are licensing for third parties, you’d be better off reaching them directly.)

Photo Licensing

For use in our current and future stories, we are shooting old consumer devices, either during museum exhibitions or within environments suitable for product photography. Every original photo, no matter if we used in our own article or haven’t done so yet, can be seen in the contact sheet and licensed on a rights-managed (RM) basis.

As a rule, photos by 30pin can be licensed for editorial purposes only. We can’t feasibly get any clearance from old hardware and software manufacturers to make our photos available for commercial purposes, unless they or their successors reach us first.

If you represent a museum, a library, or a registered non-profit organization, we can license our photos to you for free upon request.